July 31- August 10, 2015

MusGo Rider Cooperative Ltd. in partnership with Sheet Harbour and Musquodoboit Valley is seeking a consultant to develop a Business Plan for rural community transportation in the Sheet Harbour and Musquodoboit Valley areas.  Please click on the link below to view the complete Request for Proposals (RFP).

MV-SHBusinessPlan Request for Proposals

July 2015

Funding Supports New and Improved Transit Services
MusGO Rider Cooperative Limited is receiving funding from government to help improve public transportation on the Eastern Shore.
The organization is receiving $10,000 through the Nova Scotia Transit Research Incentive Program to develop a transit business plan and to expand into Musquodoboit Valley and Sheet Harbour.
“Improved public transport services contributes to making the Eastern Shore a great place to live and work,” said Kevin Murphy, MLA for Eastern Shore. “I am pleased that our government continues to support initiatives that will improve access to transit services in our area and across the province.”
Eligible funding recipients for the Nova Scotia Transit Research Incentive Program include municipalities, organizations providing transit services in rural areas, and not-for-profits with a transit mandate.
For more information on the program and eligibility criteria, go to http://novascotia.ca/…/fu…/community-grants-and-programs.asp


Musgo Rider Celebrates Two Years on the Road – Eastern Shore Cooperator Nov 2014

Musgo Rider Cooperative Ltd. Board of Directors and staff is delighted to be celebrating two years on the roads, driving residents of the Eastern Shore places. It all started in 2007 when HRM’s Planning Department selected Musquodoboit Harbour and adjacent communities to participate in the Community Visioning Program. The process brought together a wide range of residents who expressed their views on what the community should look like in the years to come. There was significant community involvement. In the end, ten priorities were identified. Public transportation and sidewalks were identified as the number two priority. Metro Transit service from Musquodoboit Harbour to Dartmouth / Halifax was identified but also the need for public transportation throughout the study area.

The Community Association next applied to the Province and received the funding for a feasibility study. The study is available on the Halifax website. It identified that the Eastern Shore required rural transportation and advised how to go about developing. At this time a group of residents formed Musgo Rider Cooperative Ltd. and the rest as we say is History.

Musgo provides an affordable transportation option to all those residing in the area of East Preston to Ship Harbour. If you require occasional or regular transportation to medical appointments, grocery store, social events, work, connect with the MetroX, etc. give dispatch a call at 902-483-7433. At least 24 hour advance booking is recommended. Musgo offers door to door service in a wheelchair accessible van with attentive, informative drivers. If you have any questions or concerns about our service or you would like to become a volunteer with Musgo please contact our Executive Director, Jessie Greenough, CMA at greenough@ns.sympatico.ca. Musgo would appreciate the opportunity to hear how the service is working for you or what else you may require from this rural transportation service.

August 27, 2014

The Board of Directors of the MusGo Rider Cooperative Ltd. announced today the appointment of Jessie Greenough, CMA as the Executive Director for the organization.

Jessie has a Certified Management Accountant designation from the Nova Scotia Society of Management Accountants. She has many years of experience working in Not for Profit, most notability she has worked as Finance Manager for the last nine years with Eastern Shore Family Resource Association, a position that she will continue with in conjunction with being Executive Director of Musgo Rider; both positions are part-time commitments. Jessie also volunteers on two local boards: Bluewater Business Development Corporation (CBDC) as Treasurer and Shore Employment Support Association (SESA) as Chair.

“For the next six months, I intend to focus on fostering awareness and growth of rural transportation service on the Eastern Shore and developing relationships with community organizations and stakeholders in order to grow Musgo Rider’s reputation for delivering effective, efficient and timely service.” says Jessie.

Howard Nash, Chair of the Board of Directors for MusGo Rider, says, “We are very pleased to welcome someone with Jessie’s credentials to the position of Executive Director with the organization. Jessie academic background and not for profit experience should serve her well in ensuring the continuing growth of MusGo Rider on the Eastern Shore. I encourage you to contact her by phone or email at (902) 483-7433 or greenough@ns.sympatico.ca to pass on your ideas and suggestions on how MusGo Rider can better serve its communities.”


Mar 30, 2014

Effective April 01, 2014 MusGo Rider will be adjusting its rates so that two people traveling to the same destination will not pay as much as they do now.  Additional,  we will be increasing our after 8:00pm rates slightly so they cover the costs of providing nighttime service.


Dec 17, 2013

The regular MusGo Van is back from being made wheelchair accessible and is once again back on the road.  This means our second vehicle will be available for special occasions and peak demand periods.


Nov 14, 2013

Starting November 18, 2013, MetroX will be rolling in Porters Lake.  The new route will link residents of Porters Lake and the surrounding area with Metro Transit’s Bridge Terminal (Dartmouth) and Scotia Square Mall (Halifax).  Now you will be able to use MusGo Rider to link up with the MetroX.


MusGo Rider is a not-for-profit community cooperative that provides door-to-door, pre-booked transportation within our community.

Our service area extends from East Preston and Lawencetown in the west to Ship Harbour in the east.

The goal of MusGo Rider is to provide a safe, affordable and dependable transportation solution to improve the quality of life of our residents while contributing to our vision of a “green” community.

Why use MusGo Rider?

  • • Appointments
  • • Employment
  • • Church Events
  • • Grocery Shopping
  • • Social Visits
  • • Community Events
  • • Running Errands
  • • Volunteering

Who can benefit by using MusGo Rider?

• All residents and visitors are invited to use this service
• Seniors, students and people looking for alternative transportation
• Commuters looking to access Metro X

We are  looking for part-time and volunteer drivers.  Please submit your resume to greenough@ns.sympatico.ca  Successful candidates will be required to provide drivers abstracts and a criminal records check.  We will pay any costs associated with getting these.